Frequently Ask Questions


Q. May I claim the federal or provincial disability amount (line 5844) when also claiming fees for full-time care in a nursing home?

The same rule should apply on federal line 316 and provincial line 5844. That is: the disability tax credit cannot be claimed if you are claiming fees for full-time care in a nursing home. To ensure the Disability Credit is not claimed where fees for full-time care in a nursing home are, visit to the Disability section and change option “Claim disability amount” to “Do not claim disability amount” to the question “Are you eligible for the disability amount on line 316”.

Q. What if I can not file before the tax deadline?

If you do not file your tax return on or before the tax filing deadline, the CRA will charge penalties and interest on the amount owing and on the penalty leveled starting on the day after your return is due. For more information and important details on outstanding returns, please see the CRA website. If you are expecting a tax refund, there is no penalty to be paid. However, it is always better to claim your tax refund and to apply for any benefits and rebates you are entitled to prior by the end of tax season. Keep in mind that the CRA’s taxpayer relief provisions are available to assist taxpayers in resolving tax issues that arise due to circumstances beyond their control. Under these provisions, taxpayers can apply to the CRA to have interest and/or penalties waived or cancelled in situations where they are unable to file a tax return and/or make payments on time because of a natural disaster.

Q. What about access codes?

The CRA will only give you access to its NETFILE service if, upon transmitting a tax return electronically, you have entered your social insurance number, date of birth, and the individual Web Access Code (WAC) that they have given you. Similarly, you will only be able to efile your return to Revenu Qubec by using the access code that they have given you.

Q. I have a balance due on my tax return. How can I make the payment?

You can pay Cash.

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